West Midland Bird Club

SBAP Birds - Nightjar

Well known to birders on Cannock Chase, this species seems to be doing well there, thanks to recent forestry management. It's now not known to breed elsewhere in the county, but with the Chase population flourishing it may have filled-up the available habitat there and could expand into other areas. A list of other potential sites is available through Bevan Craddock, and consists of some historical sites and other possible new ones, based on recent forestry clear-fell. A full survey of The Chase is running in 2002 to survey for this and other species (phone if you are able to help). In the meantime...

What You Need To Do:

Sites which have held birds and need checking include:

Hanchurch Hills, Bagots Wood, Enville Common and the Million, Kinver Edge, Highgate Common, Chillington, Hopwas Hayes, Weeford, Consallforge, Oakamoor, Coombes Valley, Fradley Wood, Loggerheads (Bishops and Burnt Wood), Hednesford Hills, Shoal Hill, Gentleshaw Common, Barnswood near Rudyard Lake, Shoul's Woods and Blythebank, Gun Hill, Chartley Park and Maer Hills.

Many of these sites will be unsuitable, but you never know - some felling may have made sites just right... have a look if you're nearby.

Species co-ordinator: Bevan Craddock, 44 Haling Road, Penkridge ST19 5DA
Email: bevan@penkridge.org.uk.

Last updated 09 February 2002.