West Midland Bird Club

SBAP Birds - Introduction

You may be aware of the Staffordshire Biodiversity Action Plan (SBAP) which aims to secure the future of several 'key' bird species in Staffordshire, including Lapwing, Snipe, Nightjar, Skylark and Woodlark as well as some other species. We hope that through this project you can really make a difference to these birds in the county!

To help implement conservation work for all species we need to know how many of each species there are in the county, and where they occur - in short, we need an inventory of the birds.

The WMBC is co-ordinating the process of gathering distribution information for five of the birds species, and enlisting your help as a surveyor seems the best way of achieving this aim which will then provide the knowledge to make conservation possible.

As for the work needed, we've tried to keep things as simple as possible to fit in with your regular birding, so if you do have the time (and not much is needed), please do help - you'll be making a really worthwhile contribution to conservation in the county.

A different approach has been chosen for each species depending on how common they are, with a general 'patch' survey approach for the more well-distributed species: Lapwing and Skylark (and Grey Partridge); and a more focussed approach for the rather thinly-distributed Snipe, Nightjar and Woodlark.

We hope you can help.

Thank you for your interest!

Last updated 09 February 2002.