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The Birmingham and Black Country Black Redstart Research Group came together through the 'Birmingham and Black Country Local Biodiversity Action Plan' (LBAP) species action plan for Black Redstarts in that area. Their aim is to maintain and increase numbers of Black Redstarts in the West Midlands through research, awareness raising and direct conservation measures. The group consists of representatives from the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, West Midland Bird Club, RSPB and local authorities.

The group is working on the following initiatives:

  1. Co-ordinating an on-going monitoring programme which identifies individual birds, breeding territories and sites which have the potential for breeding birds.
  2. Looking at the possibility of wintering Black Redstarts in this area.
  3. Creation of best practice guidance for developers and for local planning authorities to put into place suitable monitoring, structures and habitat features if particular developments might impact on Black Redstarts.
  4. Supporting the Wildlife Trust nest box scheme across the West Midlands county, to help improve breeding success for Black Redstarts.
  5. Running training events with organisations and individuals who can help with the survey work.
  6. Raising public awareness of Black Redstarts through guided walks and events.

The group would welcome support from local birders who can help their work in several ways:

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