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The codes in column 3 of the County Lists are taken from 'Guide to Status and Record Submission' (second edition, 1989). A Checklist of the Birds of the West Midlands and a  They are intended as a guide as to the type of information that we require for each species e.g. is a description necessary? Are roost counts useful? Do we require breeding data and, if so, do we need documentary evidence? For example, the code for Grasshopper Warbler is "a b c m". This means that we require all records (a); any breeding records b); any census data of breeding birds (c); first and last dates (m). The codes may change from time to time to reflect changes in status.

Remember, these codes are intended as a guideline only. Additional material is always useful and your efforts will not be wasted.

Key to the Record Codes
Code Meaning
A All records of local rarities required with supporting identification details.
A(BBRC) Descriptions of national rarities required by British Birds Rarities Committee.
a All records required with dates (for commoner species d or h may apply).
B All breeding records required with supporting details.
b All breeding records required.
c Any census data welcomed.
d Dated monthly maxima for regularly visited sites.
h Dated half-monthly maxima for regularly visited sites.
m Arrival and departure dates (and totals) required for migrants.
r Roost counts welcomed.
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