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Where are we?

The West Midland Bird Club's area of interest is the West Midland Region of England, which includes the counties of:

We follow the current local government-, as opposed to historical- or vice-, county boundaries.

To avoid confusion, this site generally distinguishes between the "The West Midland Region" and "The West Midlands County".

The West Midland Region is in central England, east of (but not adjacent to) Wales. The West Midlands county is in the centre of the region, with Staffordshire to the North and West, Worcestershire to the South-West and Warwickshire to the East and South-East. Each county has a border with the other three.

Maps adapted from Fatbirder *'s originals, with thanks.

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Ornithology in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire & the West Midlands county, since 1929.

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