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'Little Ringed Plover in Warwickshire', 1946

This article, by a member of the Club, first appeared in ‘British Birds’ issue 39:2 (pages 57–8), in February 1946. 

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Little Ringed Plover in Warwickshire.

On May 22nd, 1945, in a large, partially flooded sand and gravel quarry near Coventry, my attention was attracted to a bird I at first took to be a Ringed Plover (Charadrius h. hiaticula). On approaching to about 30 feet I was able to discern, in perfect light and with the aid of 8×30 mm. binoculars, the following points from which I concluded that the bird was definitely a Little Ringed Plover (Ch. dubius curonicus): legs flesh-coloured, appearing thinner and less conspicuous than those of a Ringed Plover; upper-parts light sandy brown, having a somewhat mottled appearance; bill black, appearing rather tapered and definitely lacking the conspicuous orange marking of a Ringed Plover; whole appearance less stocky than Ringed Plover, giving the appearance of a relatively longer tail.

After having had the bird under observation for nearly half an hour, during which it continued to run about feeding at the water's edge, I put it up. The absence of any wing-bar and the call-note, a clear almost monosyllabic, high-pitched “teeu”, thrice repeated, were most distinctly noted.

The particulars quoted I took on the spot before I had access to a text-book. A point mentioned in The Handbook [1] which I did not notice was the yellow orbital ring. I am quite familiar with the Ringed Plover.

A search of the quarry and also of an adjacent one revealed no evidence of breeding and the bird was not seen again.

R. W. M. Lee.

[The yellow orbital ring is not invariably conspicuous and if the bird was in its first summer, as the somewhat mottled appearance of the upper-parts suggests, it may well have been rather dull. The other particulars appear quite conclusive. — Eds.]

Reproduced by kind permission of British Birds *.
Thanks to Dr. Malcolm Ogilvie for scanning the original, from his collection.


[1^]'The Handbook' refers to 'The Handbook of British Birds', by H. F. Witherby, editor, Rev. F. C. R. Jourdain, N. F. Ticehurst, and B. W. Tucker; London, H. F. & G. Witherby, 1938–1941.  

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