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'Pochard Breeding In Warwickshire', 1946

This article, by a then-prominent member of the Club, first appeared in ‘British Birds’ issue 39:9 (pages 282–3), in September 1946. 

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Pochard breeding in Warwickshire.

Since there appears to be no record of the Pochard (Aythya ferina) breeding in Warwickshire since 1866, it is interesting to record that a pair nested this year on a small pond near Chesterton in the south of the county. In February, and again in April, 1946, adult birds were seen. On June 9th we again visited the pool and after a short search found a single female accompanied by one duckling, which I judged to be about two and a half weeks old. The pair swam out into open water and were watched for twenty minutes or more in a good light and with the aid of binoculars.

It must be mentioned that although breeding in the county does not appear to have been proved for eighty years, south Warwickshire is very little watched by ornithologists, and it is quite possible that this species has bred at this particular water for a number of years and escaped notice. The pool at Chesterton is well off the beaten track and is ideally suited to the requirements of this species having at one end an area of over an acre of swampy vegetation and reed bed.

C. A. Norris.

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