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(Report Numbers 57–66)
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1990 Report
Bonaparte's Gull, Kenilworth, March 1990
(Keith Warmington)

Eric W Longman — A Tribute.

Long-tailed Skua at Hanchurch.

WMBC Research Committee Black Redstart Survey 1987–91.

County Records Committees, an attempt to streamline the process of record assessment, were set up.

Cover price still £5.

224 species seen during the year.
Bonaparte's Gull (Kenilworth, March 10) was the only addition to the regional list.

1991 Report
Nutcracker, Cocknage Wood, October 1991
(Phill Ward)
This bird was at Cocknage Wood, Stoke-on-Trent, from 24 October to 9 November. It was only the second ever in the region and the first in Britain since 1987.

Nightjars of Cannock Chase.

North Staffs Moors Survey.

WMBC Research Committee Rook Survey 1991.

This report introduced the use of scientific names: the County Lists, and a laminated cover.

224 species seen during the year. Additions to the regional list were:
American Golden Plover (Willoughby, Warwickshire, 18 October) and Needle-tailed Swift (Blithfield 1 June).

1992 Report
Little Grebe, Whitacre Heath, April 1992
(Keith Warmington)

S. D. Norman's fourth and last report was fully compiled on computer for the first time, reducing printing costs considerably.

Frequency of occurrence figures for scarce and rare species were introduced.

Only 220 species seen during the year, the lowest total since 1984.
Great White Egret (Brandon, 8 July) was the only addition to the regional list.

1993 Report
Little Stint, Blithfield, September 1993
(Phill Ward)

Harborne Nature Reserve.

The Red Grouse in Staffordshire.

Survey of the Breeding Waders of Lowland Wet Meadows in Central Staffordshire 1993.

Short Notes:

  • Icterine Warbler at Belvide — a First for Staffordshire
  • Arctic Warbler at Blithfield — a Regional First
  • An Aberrant House Martin.

New editor J. J. Bowley introduced "Short Notes".

228 Species reported.
Arctic Warbler (Blithfield 8–11 September) added to the regional list.

1994 Report
Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Draycote, September 1994
(Phill Ward)

Ruddy Ducks and the West Midland Bird Club.

Movements of the Grey Heron.

Short Notes:

  • The Worcestershire Collared Pratincole
  • Red-throated Pipit at Lawford Heath.

A record 240 species were recorded (this included Yellow Legged Gull and Feral Pigeon).
Collared Pratincole (Bredon's Hardwick, Worcestershire 4 May) and Red-throated Pipit (Lawford Heath, Warwickshire 22–23 Oct) were added to the regional list.

1995 Report
Juvenile Little Owl, Burntwood, Staffordshire
(Phill Ward)

The White Wagtail in Autumn.

The BTO Breeding Bird Survey.

Short Notes:

  • The Great Snipe in Sandwell Valley
  • Dartford Warbler at Lickey Hills
  • Arctic Redpoll at Hanchurch.

The Club's officers' reports were no longer included.

The status of each species was included in the classified notes.

231 species recorded.Arctic Redpoll (Hancurch 27 December) added to regional list.

1996 Report
Waxwing, Rugeley, Staffordshire
(Phill Ward)

Short Notes:

  • Baird's Sandpiper at Draycote
  • The Sandwell Valley 'Black-headed' Wagtail
  • The Doxey River Warbler
  • Dusky Warbler at Sheepwash Urban Park.

J. J Bowley's fourth and last report as editor.

A record 242 species reported, with six   regional firsts:
Baird's Sandpiper (Draycote 28 September, moving to Northants; a second at Blithfield 2–7 November);
Desert Wheatear (BartonGP 23–30 November);
River Warbler (Doxey Marshes 20 June–22 July);
Melodious Warbler (Newcastle-under-Lyme 20 May);
Dusky Warbler (Sheepwash Urban Park 16–18 November);
Pine Bunting (Bibby's Hollow, near Halesowen 6–20 Feb).

1997 Report
Black-tailed Godwit at Blithfield Reservoir
(Phill Ward)

European Nightjars and Other Breeding Birds of Cannock Chase.

The post of Editor being vacant, Graham Harrison stood in.

This report used the British Ornithology Union (BOU)'s newly published "The British List: The Official List of Birds of Great Britain" to order and classify species. This meant that Yellow-legged Gull was removed from the regional list as a separate species, but Hume's Warbler was added.

Cover price now £7

229 species reported. Citrine Wagtail (Brandon 18 May) added to Regional List.

1998 Report
Common Kingfisher
(Keith Stone)

Survey of Breeding Waders in Staffordshire.

Common Buzzards in Worcestershire.

Population Trends in Three South Staffordshire Mute Swan Herds.

Graham Harrison stood in as editor, again.

This edition was voted one of the top five reports in the United Kingdom, by a panel of experts from 'British Birds' magazine.

219 species reported.

1999 Report
Tree Sparrow
(Keith Stone)

Observations at a Eurasian Hobby's Nest.

Wintering Blackcaps in Worcestershire.

Movements of Greenfinches To and From the Club's Area.

The first report edited by Dave Emley.

Includes 9 other colour photographs and many drawings.

Thanks to Andy Thomas for details of the 1990–1992 reports.

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