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Annual Report, 1980s

(Report Numbers 47–56)
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1980 Report
Sand Martins
(R. J. C. Blewitt)

The Decline of Six Typically Heathland Bird Species at Two Worcestershire Heathlands.

G. R. Harrison continued as editor.

Cover price £1.50.

211 species reported.

112 pages.

1981 Report
Canada Goose
(M. C. Wilkes)

The Wildlife & Countryside Act, 1981.

Cover price £2.

211 species reported.

108 pages.

1982 Report
Mistle Thrush
(M. C. Wilkes)

A Profile of Blithfield Reservoir.

213 species reported.

120 pages.

1983 Report
Ruddy Ducks (painting)
(Mike Warren)

Belvide Reserve.

50 Years of Birdwatching.

The first colour cover, using artwork from " The Birds of the West Midlands".

219 species reported (a later report added Long-billed Dowitcher to the regional list; Draycote, 10 November).

128 pages.

1984 Report
Little Ringed Plover
(M. C. Wilkes)

The Dipper in Worcestershire

Bird Populations of the Roaches Estate

Cover Price increased to £2.50.

211 species reported.

124 pages

1985 Report
(R. J. C. Blewitt)

North Staffordshire Moors Survey

222 species reported,  including four new to the region: American Wigeon (Kingsbury, 16–19 June, then at Coton 22 June); Broad-billed Sandpiper (Coton, 1–4 June); Wilson's Phalarope (Upton Warren, 14 Sept); Laughing Gull (Edgbaston Reservoir, 15–18 Jan).

128 pages.

1986 Report
Great Spotted Woodpecker
(S C Brown)

Pellet analysis of Short-eared Owls — Doxey.

The Birds of Saltwells Local Nature Reserve.

N. P. Barlow became editor.

Separate recorders for each county were used for the first time.

Cover price £2.75.

222 species recorded during the year.

New to the region: Black Kite (Defford, Worcestershire 4 May) and Yellow-browed Warbler (Upton Warren 8 Oct).

158 pages.

1987 Report
Yellow Wagtail (male)
(A T Moffatt)

The 1986 House Martin Survey.

Movements of Chaffinches and Redpolls to and from the West Midlands.

Marsh Warblers in Worcestershire — A Personal Review.

The Decline of Worcestershire's Marsh Warblers.

Distinguishing Marsh Warbler from Reed Warbler, in Early Summer and as First-Years.

Cover price £3.

236 species reported  during the year, a record at that time.

New to the region: Cattle Egret (Doxey, Staffordshire 7 Jan), Lesser Scaup (Chasewater 8 Mar–26 Apr; first record for the Western Palearctic), Pallas's Warbler (Westwood Park, Worcestershire 17 Nov), Lesser Grey Shrike (Wythall 4 Jun) and Rustic Bunting (Upton Warren 7 Nov).

190 pages.

1988 Report
Kingfisher, River Avon, Welford, Warwickshire.
(E Harvey)

A R M Blake — Obituary.

Project Kingfisher — Caring for the Cole Valley.

'Herring Gulls, Glaucous Gulls and gulls in-between'.

Status of Mediterranean Gulls in the West Midlands Region.

Analysis of Retraps and Controls of Bullfinch, Goldfinch and Linnet ringed within the West Midland Bird Club area.

Cover price £4.

222 species seen during the year.

174 pages.

1989 Report
Turnstone, Chasewater, July 1989
(Phil Ward)

A Jubilee and a Centenary.

A Bird in the Hand.

Silent Death.

Lesser Scaup — A First for Britain in the Midlands.

Wintering Aythya Ducks at Coton and Lea Marston.

S. D. Norman became editor.

Colour photographs appeared inside the Report for the first time.

Subspecies and races were shown separately.

Cover price now £5

224 species seen during the year.

172 pages.

Thanks to Andy Thomas for details of the 1986–1989 reports.

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