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Annual Report, 1950s

(Report Numbers 17–26)
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1950 Report The Heligoland Trap.

Unusual Behaviour of Brown Owl [1]

Notes on the Birds of Bellfields Reservoir [2].

Published 1951.

The cover price, 6/- (30p), remained unchanged throughout the decade.

48 pages.

1951 Report

Some Notes on the Food of Birds.

Additional Notes on the Birds of Bellfields Reservoir [2].

Published January 1953.

The last Report edited by Tony Norris.

44 pages.

1952 Report
Little Ringed Plover
(Stanton Whitaker)

Alvecote Pools.

Diurnal Migration near Walsall.

Further Observations on the Birds of the West Bromwich Area.

J. Lord became editor, and remained so throughout until the 1971 report.

The first report with a 'cover' photograph — the cover had a window, showing one of the two pictures on the next page. A third photograph appeared on their reverse.

60 pages.

1953 Report
Ring Ouzel at its Nest in North Staffordshire
(S. Whitaker)

Breeding Birds of the Tamworth District.

Notes on the Seasonal Population Distribution of Curlew.

The order and spelling of species was brought into line with the (then) BOU Check-List of Birds of Great Britain and Ireland.

Published June 1954.

48 pages.

1954 Report
Herons at a Staffordshire Heronry
(Stanton Whitaker)

Silver Jubilee Survey, 1929–1954.

Birds of the Malvern district.

Migration of Swifts in North Warwickshire, Autumn, 1954.

Buzzard Survey, 1954

Birds of Cannock Reservoir [3].

Published September 1955.

64 pages.

1955 Report
Willow Tit-mouse at a nesting-hole in Staffordshire
(Mr. S. C. Porter)

Mute Swan Survey.

Notes on the Distribution of Certain of the Birds Breeding in the Club's Area.

Published July 1956.

56 pages.

1956 Report
A Great Crested Grebe Approaching the Nest
(Mr. S. C. Porter)

The Winter Distribution of Coot

The Birds of Earlswood.

The Homing of Birds.

Published July 1957.

52 pages.

1957 Report
Nightjar with Young
(Mr. S. C. Porter)

The Winter Distribution of Coot, 1956/7.

The Status and Distribution of the Nightjar in the West Midlands.

Survey of Birds in the Brookvale District of Erdington, Birmingham.

Obituary of W. E. Groves, Club founder.

Published August 1958.

60 pages.

1958 Report
Little Owl (eating worm)
(S. C. Porter)

Urban Bird Survey.

The Status and Distribution of the Nightjar in the West Midlands.

Published August 1959.

56 pages.

1959 Report
Yellowhammer feeding Young, near Redditch
(A. Winspear Cundall)

Breeding Birds of the Malvern District.

Some Notes on the Growth of a Rookery.

Published August 1960.

52 pages.

[1^] The Brown Owl is now known as the Tawny Owl.

[2^] Bellfields is now known as .

[3^] Cannock Reservoir is now known as Chasewater.

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